Doughty – Green’s remarks a “damning indictment of secretive approach to Brexit”

Former First Secretary of State Damian Green has called on the Government to publish its assessments into the impact of Brexit.

Mr Green, who resigned from the Government just before Christmas, has told the BBC that ministers were in danger of following “faith-based” policies over Brexit.


Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, a leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said: 

“The fact that even Theresa May’s former deputy, Damian Green, is saying that the Government should release their secret Brexit impact assessments for the public to see is a damning indictment of her behind-closed-doors, secretive approach to Brexit. 

“Damian Green is correct to say that Ministers should be looking at the evidence and basing their policies on that, rather than on half-baked ideology. And all the evidence shows that leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union will be disastrous for the UK economy, meaning thousands of lost jobs and a severe hit to the public finances, so less money for public services like the NHS.

“People deserve to know how Brexit will affect their jobs, their livelihoods and their communities. The Government has no right to hide this information from them. And once this information is made public, if people then decide that Brexit isn’t the right path for the country, everyone is entitled to change their minds.

“Having been to see the secret assessments I can see no public interest in keeping them hidden. The only reason the Government want to block them is the devastating picture they show.”