Doughty – HMRC chief’s comments shows no deal Brexit risks plunging customs system into chaos

HMRC will need £400 million and an additional 5,000 staff to prepare for a Brexit with no deal, the organisation’s chief executive, Jon Thompson, told a Parliamentary committee today. He went on to say he was not confident that the system could be scaled up to deal with Brexit without an agreement, and that he could not guarantee that new systems could be made to work in time.

Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

“A no deal Brexit risks plunging our customs system into chaos, with queues of lorries backing up at our ports, bureaucratic chaos for British businesses and a hard border in Northern Ireland. It is painfully clear that HMRC lacks the time and resources to ready itself for this awful scenario.

“By threatening no deal, we are aiming a loaded gun at our own foot. The Government is already spending millions on preparations which not only will fail to get the job done, but which could be far better spent on our hard-pressed National Health Service. 

“It’s high time the Government accepted that leaving the EU without an agreement would be an expensive disaster, and dropped their no deal threat.”