Doughty – “Ministers should act on Chote’s advice” and end Brexit secrecy

Robert Chote, chair of the OBR, today (Tuesday) told the Institute for Government that the Treasury should have published their assessment of the impact of different Brexit scenarios.

Instead the government have only – after losing a vote in the Commons – agreed to release the studies to MPs.

Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

Parliament created the OBR to provide independent, objective economic forecasting advice. And when the chair of the OBR offers such advice, ministers should act upon it.

So when Robert Chote says that the Treasury should have published its forecasts for the impact of Brexit on the economy, the Chancellor and Prime Minister should now do just that.

The current proposal – that MPs alone should see the report – just is not good enough. Taxpayers have paid for this work to be done and should be able to see it.

The longer the government refuse to release this information the more we are right to ask what have they got to hide?”



Notes to editors

Robert Chote can be seen in the video accompanying this report: