Doughty – New polling shows Government must start reflecting the will of the people

New polling highlighted today by Britain Elects shows that a large majority of people disapprove of the way the Government is conducting the Brexit negotiations, with 63% disapproving and 37% approving.

50% of people also disagree that the Prime Minister will get the right deal for Britain from Brexit, compared to 31% who agree, whilst 47% think prioritizing free trade with the EU is more important than having greater control over immigration, compared to 44% who prioritize immigration over EU trade. 

Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The Government’s whole approach to the Brexit negotiations has been utterly shambolic from the start and the British people know it.

“People don’t think Theresa May will get the right deal for Britain and they don’t think reducing trade with our largest economic partner is a price worth paying to restrict immigration.

“If the Government really wants to start reflecting the will of the people, it must rethink its own self-imposed and destructive red-lines, and start negotiating to keep us in both the Single Market and the Customs Union.”


Notes to editors:

The relevant polling from Britain Elects can be found here: