Doughty – “Nobody in Wales voted to make their family worse off”

The Welsh Government has warned that a hard Brexit would damage the Welsh economy

Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said: 

“Today’s report by the Welsh Government once again exposes the fantasy which Welsh voters were sold during the referendum campaign by the Brextremists, and the risk to jobs and key industries across Wales from the reckless approach the UK Government is taking.

The First Minister is absolutely right to highlight the crucial importance of the Customs Union and Single Market to people’s jobs and businesses in Wales - and as he said today - why would we want to put up barriers where none exist?

Leave campaigners told us that our economy and our great steel industry in particular would be better off outside the EU, but this report highlights just how a hard and destructive Brexit could put it and other key industries like aerospace more at risk. 

“Nobody voted in the referendum to make themselves and their families worse off, to hit Welsh businesses, manufacturing and the NHS, and to give powers from Wales back to London.

“As new facts continue to emerge, people have every right to change their mind on the best way forward for Wales.”