Doughty – People in every corner of UK will be shocked by new Brexit figures

New information from the Government’s own Brexit impact assessments has emerged tonight, detailing exactly how much damage different Brexit outcomes would do to different parts of the UK. 

The information is broken down by region and by three different Brexit outcomes: staying in the Single Market, leaving with a free-trade deal, or leaving with no deal. The analysis suggests that every part of the UK will be worse off under every Brexit scenario. The worst hit area under a no-deal Brexit would be the North East of England, which would take a 16% hit to GDP. In the same scenario, the West Midlands would take a 13% hit, whilst the North West of England and Northern Ireland would both take a 12% hit. Even with the Government’s preferred outcome of a free-trade deal, the North East would take an 11% hit to GDP, whilst the West Midlands, the North West and Northern Ireland would take an 8% hit.

A no-deal Brexit would hit Welsh GDP by 9.5%, Scotland by 9% and the South East by 7.5%. London would be the least badly affected part of the UK under any Brexit outcome.


Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“People in every corner of the United Kingdom will be shocked to see the Government’s own assessment of the damage Brexit will do to their communities. It is utterly shameful that people all across this country are having to rely on leaks to find out how much damage a hard, destructive Brexit will do to their local economies and the country as a whole.

“The Government cannot continue to try and hide tax-payer funded analysis from the public, just because they’re afraid of the political consequences. The full Brexit impact assessments, along with any other economic analysis of Brexit outcomes, must be published in full, now.

“And as people learn new facts about the costs of Brexit for their communities and their industries, everyone is entitled to keep an open mind about whether or not it’s the right path for the country.” 



Notes to editors:

The full table of how different Brexit outcomes would affect different parts of the UK can be seen here:

Part of the UK Single Market FTA No deal
East Midlands -1.8% -5% -8.5%
Eastern -1.8% -5% -8.0%
London -1% -2% -3.5%
North East -3% -11% -16%
North West -2.5% -8% -12%
South East -1.5% -4.5% -7.5%
South West -1% -2% -5%
West Midlands -2.5% -8% -13%
Yorkshire & the Humber -1.5% -5% -7%
Northern Ireland -2.5% -8% -12%
Scotland -2.5% -6% -9%
Wales -1.5% -5.5% -9.5%
UK -2% -5% -8%