Dr Paul Williams MP – Government wasting billions on extreme Brexit whilst NHS goes underfunded

NHS England today warned that the NHS will miss its waiting times targets next year due to a lack of funding. 

This comes after the Government’s Autumn budget set out an extra £3 billion in funding for Brexit preparations, but only £2.8 billion for the NHS.

Commenting, Dr Paul Williams MP, former GP and leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

“NHS England says it won’t be able to meet its waiting time targets for next year due to lack of funding, whilst the Government is wasting tens of billions of pounds pursuing an extreme vision of Brexit that is making us all worse-off.

“Leave campaigners like Boris Johnson and Michael Gove promised £350 million extra a week for the NHS if we voted for Brexit, but the reality is a health service that is on its knees thanks to a lack of funding and European staff already making plans to leave.

“No-one voted for less money for the NHS, so as new facts like these come to light, everyone has the right to keep an open mind about Brexit.” 


Notes to Editors

The full story on the NHS England meeting can be read here.