Dr Paul Williams – NHS is bleeding nurses and Brexit is making it worse

New reporting shows the NHS is losing nurses at a dangerous rate, and that Brexit is making the situation worse. Since the Brexit vote the NHS has gone from more EU nurses joining the NHS than leaving to the reverse - more EU nurses are now leaving the health service than new EU nurses joining.

Commenting, Dr Paul Williams MP, former GP and leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The NHS is bleeding nurses at a dangerous rate, and Brexit is exacerbating the crisis.

“More and more EU nurses are leaving the health service and the number of new EU nurses joining has halved since the Brexit vote.

“As Boris reminded us this week, he and other leave campaigners promised £350m a week extra for the NHS after Brexit, but instead we've got a health service on its knees.

“As Brexit continues to damage the NHS, people have a right to ask if the reality of Brexit matches up with what they were sold."


Notes to editors:

The full BBC reporting on the crisis in NHS nursing can be read here.