Email your MP

Thank your MP for supporting Amendment 7 and our campaign Support Sovereignty, Support 7.

Some MPs have been the subject of appalling abuse (and even death threats) for simply doing their job and voting for Amendment 7. We want to say a big thank you to all those MPs who stood up to the bullies and voted for the amendment.

We think the MPs who voted for Amendment 7 deserve to know that the abuse they received is the work of a small and nasty minority and that lots more people appreciate the stand they took.

We need your help to do that. If you have two minutes, please write to your MP to thank them for voting for Amendment 7.

Use the form to enter your address to find your local MP and send them an email telling them how you feel. A template email is provided but please do feel free to personalise it.

Tips for writing an email to your MP:

  • Be polite. Whichever way you voted at the last election, please be courteous even to those we may disagree with.
  • Tell them if you voted for them. MPs like to hear from a range of voices before making a decision.
  • Let them know you're a supporter of Open Britain. It really helps our campaign gain momentum.