Fox needs to understand people are not poker chips

Commenting on Liam Fox’s refusal to offer reassurances that EU citizens already in the UK will be allowed to stay because he does not want to give up any negotiating “cards”, Chuka Umunna MP, supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“Liam Fox needs to understand that he is talking about people not poker chips.

“These crass remarks would leave even Nigel Farage shamefaced.

“Instead of gambling with their future, Liam Fox and his Government colleagues should do the decent thing and give assurances to all EU nationals living here that they will have the right to stay.”


Liam Fox’s comments have been reported by Politics Home:

Chuka Umunna MP is also the Chair of Vote Leave Watch, a campaign dedicated to holding the Vote Leave campaigners to account for the promises they made during the EU referendum. Vote Leave Watch have a petition calling on the Government to allow ‘EU citizens currently living in Britain to be allowed to remain’: