Give Parliament a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal

Ask your MP to give Parliament a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal

The House of Lords has just voted for an amendment that allows Parliament to have the final say on how we leave the EU.

Open Britain has been campaigning hard for Parliament to have a meaningful vote on the final deal, so this is great news.

This amendment will now go back to MPs in the House of Commons to make the final decision. This is a fantastic opportunity to ensure that Parliament has the option of sending the Government back to the negotiating table if MPs think the final deal with the EU is not good enough.

We should all encourage MPs to vote for the amendment that gives Parliament the final say on the Brexit deal. This will be close and every MP’s vote could make a difference. Will you write to your MP today and tell them to vote for the amendment?

Please use the form to write an email to your MP. Get started by entering your address to find the MP for your area. A template email is provided but please do personalise it if you want to. MPs are much more likely to read and respond to personalised emails.

Some tips for writing to your MP:

  • Keep it short and personalise it. MPs are much more likely to respond to that kind of email.
  • If you voted for them at the last election, tell them. Your vote is important to them.
  • Ask for a meeting. It’s even better if you can put your view to your MP in person.
  • Be polite. Those who have a different opinion should not be subject to abuse.