Gove’s admission shows that he is no fisherman’s friend

Michael Gove has admitted that foreign trawlers will continue to have access to British waters after Brexit, despite ‘taking back control’ of fishing grounds being a key plank of the campaign to Leave the European Union.

Commenting, Thomas Cole, Head of Policy at Open Britain, said:

“Michael Gove is like a fish out of water. His flip-flopping on the issue of foreign vessels is further evidence of this Government’s rudderless approach to Brexit.

“He and other Brexiteers spent months alleging that ‘we would take back control of our waters’, but it is now clear that Ministers are realising that for hard-working British fishermen to have access to European waters and markets, compromise will be needed.    

“Such realism is of course welcome. But people working in the fishing industry who voted to leave the EU were sold a pup, and they deserve an apology. Many will only be realising now that Mr Gove is no fisherman’s friend.”