Government is not allowed to hoard vital economic analysis

In the wake of the recording of the Prime Minister warning during the referendum campaign that Britain leaving the EU’s Single Market could mean businesses in the UK relocating to mainland Europe, the Open Britain campaign is calling for greater transparency of the Government’s plans for the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

Commenting for the Open Britain campaign, Ed Miliband MP said:

“The Guardian’s revelation yesterday demonstrated that the Prime Minister was just as worried privately as the rest of us are publicly about the economic impact of the hard, destructive Brexit her Government seems set on.

“Ministers clearly understand the enormous economic risks of leaving the Single Market, but they won’t share them with the country.

“If private warnings are to be matched by proper public debate, it is essential that the Government is not allowed to hoard vital analysis of the impact on our economy of leaving the Single Market. This work is being done in Government and it must now be published.

“There is a mandate to leave the EU but that does not give the Government a blank cheque to take decisions that put British jobs and prosperity at risk. Parliament must be given a proper say and a vote on the negotiation plans before Article 50 is triggered. The ‘general debates’ promised earlier in the week do not go far enough. MPs on all sides want the Government to produce the equivalent of a White Paper with its substantive negotiating plans and for that to be voted in on in the House.”