Government’s Europol decision is positive, but we must stay close to EU on security

Commenting on the Government’s decision to opt-in to a new Europol regulation to prevent the UK from ceasing to be a member in May 2017, Chuka Umunna MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“This is a positive step, and it is encouraging to see that the Government appreciates the crucial role Europol plays in keeping our citizens safe. In a world of international threats, we need international responses.

“Refusing to opt-in to this change, and thereby falling out of Europol by May next year, would be disastrous, and I therefore hope MPs, no matter which way they campaigned in the referendum, can get behind this decision.

“In the future, it is clear that Britain must continue to play a full role in EU security co-operation after we leave. We should be seeking to have the same arrangements that we currently enjoy on operational agreements in order to protect data and intelligence-sharing.”