Grove-White – Hard Brexit extremists with a hamper is Peak Brexit

Several prominent hard-Brexit supporters, Steven Woolfe, Lord Digby Jones, John Mills and John Longworth, met today with the EU’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.

They brought with them a hamper of British products as a gift, including Marmite, marmalade, PG Tips tea, British wine, cheese, Hendrick’s gin and a biography of Winston Churchill. Marmite and PG Tips are brands owned by the Anglo-Dutch company Unilever, which has expressed concern about the impact Brexit will have on its business. 

Commenting, Francis Grove-White, Deputy Director of Open Britain, said:

“We have reached peak Brexit. Self-important charlatans marching around Brussels with hampers of quintessentially British products, many of which are owned by companies that have said they are deeply worried about the impact of Brexit, does nothing to further the national interest.   

“Rather than wasting everyone’s time and making themselves look ridiculous, these hard-Brexit supporting extremists should have found themselves a local park, sat down with their hamper and had a picnic.

“This is no time for ridiculous stunts: the prosperity of our country is at stake. We must protect jobs and our economy, and that means staying in the Single Market and the Customs Union on a permanent basis.”


Notes to editors:

Reporting on Unilever delaying their decision regarding a new headquarters due to Brexit can be read here.