Grove-White – New survey shows Brexit should be in the hands of the people, not just MPs in Westminster

A major readers’ survey published today (Monday) with 17,000 participants across Johnson Press, Newsquest and Trinity Mirror titles in Scotland has found that twice as many Leave voters (11%) as Remain voters (5%) said they would change their votes if a new People’s Vote on Brexit was held.

It also found that 64% of people believe Britain would be better off economically inside the EU, and 67% believe the UK should continue to be part of the European Single Market.


Commenting, Francis Grove-White, Deputy Director of Open Britain, said:

“As it becomes ever clearer that the Brexit we were promised is not going to be delivered, more and more people are demanding a say on the final Brexit deal.

“Whether or not we accept the deal is a decision that will affect generations for generations. The only way we can truly hold politicians to account on Brexit is if the public are allowed to express their view through a People’s Vote.

“Brexit is too big a decision to be left to 650 MPs in Westminster, it should be in the hands of the 65 million people in the U.K. as a whole.”