Grove-White – Tempting for everyone to ignore Boris Johnson

Reports today suggest Foreign Office officials advised the Irish Government not to listen to the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, particularly in relation to Brexit. 

Officials in Whitehall were apparently openly telling their Irish counterparts to "ignore the public utterances" of Britain's chief diplomat. 

Commenting, Francis Grove-White, Deputy Director of Open Britain, said: 

“If officials at the Foreign Office are telling foreign governments not to listen to anything Boris Johnson says, it is tempting for the rest of us to start ignoring him as well. 

“Unfortunately, he cannot be ignored, and his actions have real-life consequences. The man is a walking catastrophe, bumbling from one mistake to another, and behaving utterly shamelessly to boot. He doesn’t seem to read his briefs properly, his ambition is constantly getting in the way of sensible policy formulation, and his behaviour is actively undermining Britain’s global influence.  

“Charlatans like Boris Johnson have dragged this country towards an extreme version of Brexit that is already proving hugely damaging. His time as Foreign Secretary must surely soon be finished.”  


Notes to Editors

The full story from Sky News can be read here.