Howlett – Polling shows Government should roll out the red carpet for international students

73% of the British public would like the number of international students coming to study in the UK to stay the same or increase in future, a new poll has found.

The ComRes poll for Universities UK also found that 64% of British people think international students have a positive impact on the local economies of the towns and cities in which they study; and 75% think international students should be allowed to work in the UK after they have graduated. 

Open Britain is campaigning with The Independent for the Government to drop its target of reducing net annual migration to the ‘tens of thousands’. 

Commenting, Ben Howlett MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“The public want the Government to roll out the red carpet for hard-working international students who bring huge benefits to our economy, education system and country. 

“Subjecting international students to a completely arbitrary ‘tens of thousands’ immigration target makes no economic or political sense. We should drop the target and open the doors of our universities to international students.” 


Notes to editors:

The details of the Open Britain and The Independent’s Drop the Target campaign are here: