Huq – Theresa May is right: Brexit is "a choice between the unacceptable and the unpalatable"

In a letter to Conservative MPs this evening, the Prime Minister has claimed the choice facing the UK on Brexit is between “the unacceptable” and “the unpalatable”.

Commenting, Rupa Huq MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Theresa May is right to say that Brexit is turning into a choice between the 'unacceptable’ and the ‘unpalatable' but that should come as no surprise.

“The Brexit that was promised simply cannot be delivered. We now know that every form of Brexit will damage our country and threaten jobs and livelihoods, and even the Prime Minister is now admitting we are heading for a terrible deal.

“That’s why she still can’t bring herself to say how she would vote if there was a People’s Vote on the final deal.

"With even the Government admitting Brexit is turning into a shambolic mess for our country, we need a People's Vote to sort it out.”