Ian Murray MP – Shocking that ministers haven’t even bothered to read Brexit impact assessments

Steve Baker MP and Robin Walker MP, ministers in the Department for Exiting the EU, today admitted at a Brexit select committee hearing that they hadn’t read the Government’s reported Brexit economic impact assessments.

This follows on from the Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, David Davis MP, admitting yesterday to the same select committee that the Prime Minister hasn’t read the reports in full either.

Commenting on the story, leading Open Britain supporter Ian Murray MP said:

“It is shocking to hear that the Prime Minister and Brexit ministers haven’t even bothered to read the Government’s assessments of how its Brexit plans will impact different sectors of the economy.

“This latest fiasco is indicative of the Government’s shoddy and chaotic approach to the whole Brexit process. They tell us they’ve carried out impact assessments with public money, but the public is not allowed to see them. They say that Parliament can have a vote on the deal, but not until after the UK has already left the EU.

“Even if Ministers can’t be bothered to read these Brexit impact assessments themselves, they should release them to the public so people can decide for themselves whether the type of Brexit on offer matches up with what they were promised during the referendum. 

“If it doesn’t, people have the right to change their minds.”


Notes to editors:

The full exchange between Seema Malhotra, Steve Baker and Robin Walker, in which they revealed they hadn’t read the Brexit impact assessments in full, can be watched here

The story on David Davis admitting the Prime Minister hasn’t read the Brexit economic impact assessments can be found here.