Jones – “Average worker in Britain worse off” thanks to threat of Brexit

Today’s data from ONS for average weekly earnings shows them rising by 2.8% over the year to January: CPI inflation over the same period was 3%, indicating that earnings fell in real terms.

Commenting, Susan Elan Jones MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“The Brexit squeeze on wages is continuing and even with a small increase in the rate at which wages are growing, they are still lagging behind inflation, meaning the average worker in Britain is still getting worse off.

“Last week the Chancellor revealed that we are now in the worst sustained period of economic growth since the Second World War – another way in which Brexit, with devaluation, inflation and uncertainty, is hitting our economy. 

“The Brexiters promised us huge benefits will come if we leave the EU, but as the evidence mounts that they got this wrong we all have the right to ask if Brexit is still the right direction for our country.”



Notes to editors

The ONS data is here: