Jones – Data Protection Bill only needed because of Brexit

Commenting on the Government’s announcement today on the Data Protection Bill, Darren Jones MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The Data Protection Bill will bring UK law up to date on citizens’ digital rights, but is based entirely on existing EU law. We mustn't forget that the very reason for this Bill is because of Brexit. The European Union is leading the way on protecting the rights of citizens through its General Data Protection Regulation, and we must make sure that British citizens remain adequately protected through this Bill and the Repeal Bill.

“This is a big issue for business too. Getting agreement from the EU that our data protection laws are adequate is a crucial part of the Brexit negotiations. Failure to do so could leave many businesses which transfer personal data into and/or out of the EU hamstrung if we end up in a "no deal" situation. That would be a disaster for business and consumers.”