Jones – Leaving Single Market and Customs Union could risk Airbus UK jobs moving to China

Airbus UK warned today that leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union could endanger the UK-based design and manufacture of Airbus wings. 

Airbus U.K. Senior Vice President Katherine Bennett told the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy committee that “we do build wings in China now, and believe you me they’re knocking at the door as a result of the situation that we’re in in this country”. This follows on from an announcement yesterday by the Aerospace industry body ADS Group, revealing that additional customs checks post-Brexit could create £1.5bn a year in extra costs for the aerospace sector.

Commenting, Darren Jones MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“After UK aerospace bosses revealed yesterday that extra customs checks post-Brexit could add £1.5 billion to costs for their businesses, today brought yet more worrying news for one of this country’s key industries.

“Airbus UK officials are warning that the Government’s reckless plan to wrench the UK out of the Single Market and the Customs Union could lead to the high-value work of building aircraft wings being moved to China. This work supports thousands of highly-skilled jobs in North Wales and the South West of England, and losing it would be a disaster for the whole of the UK and for my constituents in Bristol. 

“The country was promised an economic bonanza if they voted for Brexit, but instead every day reveals more risks for key industries and public services, including the NHS. As these new facts come to light, people who voted Leave have every right to keep an open mind about our future relationship with Europe.” 


Notes to Editors

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