Jones – Time for the Government to face down Trump over food standards

The Guardian has reported on appalling conditions at major US meat processing plants.

Commenting, Susan Elan Jones MP, a leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

It is increasingly clear that by cosying up to President Trump for a swift trade deal, the Government is playing a game of chlorinated chicken with public health. 

The extent of the hygiene failings in the United States’ largest meat plants is truly shocking. Yet many of the Brextremists in government seem happy to turn a blind eye and to accept products like chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-reared beef as the price of an agreement with the US. They know that is the only way to secure a deal.

Warm words from Ministers are no longer enough. They must categorically rule out lowering our food standards after Brexit.

Right now it looks like the Government would be willing to sell British farmers down the river to stay on side with Donald Trump.”



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