Kyle – EU leaders comments show Prime Minister must be honest about cost of leaving EU

During a debate on the European Parliament’s resolution on Brexit today, EU leaders again made it clear that the UK will not be able to enjoy the “exact same benefits” as we do now if the country is outside the EU.  

Commenting, Peter Kyle MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Speaking in the European Parliament earlier this morning, EU leaders could not have been clearer – outside of the EU, it is not possible to have the same benefits as an EU member state.

“The Prime Minister has finally admitted that we won’t have the ‘exact same benefits’  in our trade with the EU if we leave. But she must now be honest about what the cost of leaving will be, and who will pay it.

“As new facts about the costs and complexity of Brexit emerge, everybody is entitled to ask whether Brexit is the right path for this country to be taking.”