Kyle – Gove and other Ministers are engaged in a damage limitation exercise

In a speech today at the Oxford Farming Conference, Michael Gove committed to giving farmers the same level of subsidy they now receive from the European Union for five years after Brexit.

Commenting, Peter Kyle MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Our agricultural sector needs answers to the many challenges posed by Brexit, which will diminish their access to the huge European market on our doorstep. Any commitment to shielding farmers from the worst impacts is welcome, but the Government needs to provide long-term solutions.

“Michael Gove was one of Vote Leave’s most vocal cheerleaders and repeatedly claimed Brexit would deliver an extra £350m a week for our struggling NHS. Today’s announcement only further underlines the absurdity of this claim.

“As the reality of Brexit becomes clear, Michael Gove and other Ministers are increasingly engaged in a damage limitation exercise. As this and other new facts come to light, people have every right to keep an open mind about what happens next.”