Kyle – Government must listen to the CBI & TUC and guarantee rights of EU nationals

The Government and the European Union must guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in Britain and British citizens living in the EU soon, the CBI and the TUC said today in a joint statement.

Commenting, Peter Kyle MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“It is intolerable that with only a year to go until the final Brexit deal should be known, so many ordinary people are left in legal limbo with no guarantee that their rights will be protected once we leave the EU.

“As the TUC and CBI are right to point out, these people – who are our friends, relatives, colleagues and loved ones – should never have been used as bargaining chips, or as Liam Fox inexcusably described them, “one of our strongest cards”. But that is precisely what this Government is doing. 

“The time for the Government to act is long overdue. They need to guarantee the rights and status of EU citizens living in our country, and they need to do it now.”


Notes to editors:

The joint CBI/TUC statement is here: