Kyle – Government must now release Brexit impact assessments in full

The House of Commons today unanimously called on the Government to release the 58 Brexit sectoral impact assessments it says it has conducted. 

The Government chose not to oppose the motion, meaning the Opposition’s ‘humble address, calling on the Government to pass the reports on to the Brexit select committee, passed without objection.

Commenting on today’s news, Peter Kyle MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The House of Commons has spoken – Ministers must now release the impact assessments they have carried out on different sectors of our economy. Having failed to oppose the motion, it would be scandalous for the Government to ignore Parliament’s wishes and keep these reports secret.

“It is time that they release these impact assessments in full so that Parliament, and most importantly the public, can see for themselves what the impact of a hard Brexit will be on our economy and on people’s jobs and businesses. 

“Simply releasing redacted documents covered in black marker pen won’t be good enough. If any organisation should have the right to decide what information should or should not be released, it should be the Brexit Select Committee, not the Cabinet. 

“If the impact assessments show that the hard and destructive Brexit path being taken by Ministers will make us worse off, and that Brexit is far more complicated and damaging than we were told, the public have the right to keep an open mind about our future relationship with Europe.”


Notes to editors: 

The full BBC News story on the debate and the ‘humble address’ can be found here