Kyle – IDS is acting like a pound-shop Donald Trump in calling for purge of trade envoys

British trade envoys with pro-European views should be sacked, Iain Duncan Smith has said today.

He said: “It is quite absurd that at the moment the UK leaves the EU and starts to make new free trade deals, we should have as our trade representatives people who are viscerally opposed to Brexit. It is quite unacceptable and high time we appointed new people who believe that what we are doing is positive and full of new opportunity. We should act immediately – we haven’t a moment to lose.” 

Commenting, Peter Kyle MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

“Iain Duncan Smith might think he’s acting in Britain’s best interests, but really he’s just behaving like a pound-shop Donald Trump.

“Even this Government accepts that trade envoys, be they pro-European or not, have made a real impact in boosting our commerce with countries around the globe.

“Calling for purges of people who disagree with Mr Duncan Smith’s outdated, Europhobic views is disgraceful and counterproductive.

“Ministers should publicly confirm that they value the work of Britain’s trade envoys in creating new opportunities for our businesses, and that there will be no clearing out of envoys with pro-European views.” 


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