Kyle – Prime Minister has given Trump “green light” on NHS privatisation

The Prime Minister today (Wednesday) refused to rule out big US firms being allowed to buy up significant chunks of the National Health Service as a result of any post-Brexit trade deal she would agree with President Donald Trump.

Speaking at Prime Ministers Questions she pointedly refused to exclude the NHS being within the scope of any trade deal and instead said she wanted to expand trade:


Commenting, Peter Kyle MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

Theresa May just gave Donald Trump the green light to get his hands on our National Health Service. 

Just days after the US President took to Twitter to insult the NHS, the Prime Minister was given a clear opportunity to rule out opening up our health service to private competition from US companies. Her clear refusal to do so underlines her weakness in trade negotiations and should concern us all.

Nobody voted in the referendum for Britain to go cap in hand to Trump for a trade deal, or for our NHS to be privatised. People have every right to ask whether this is too high a price to pay, and to keep an open mind about Brexit.”