Kyle – Single Market membership is the best way of ensuring continuity of goods after Brexit

Commenting on the publication today of the Government’s Brexit position paper on ‘Continuity for the availability of goods for the EU and the UK’, Peter Kyle MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The best way to achieve the ‘smooth and orderly’ withdrawal from the EU that the Government claims to want is to stay in the Single Market and the Customs Union to end the uncertainty that is hanging over British businesses.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that UK firms are going to need to keep complying with EU standards after Brexit. And the Government’s position paper admits that continued oversight will be needed – something that is incompatible with their red line on leaving the jurisdiction of the ECJ. 

“And their position on what will happen to the services sector after Brexit is unacceptably vague, given that it accounts for 80% of our economy.

“Ministers have much more to do if they want to bring clarity and certainty to British business.”