Kyle – Trade with New Zealand cannot replace benefits of the Single Market

New Zealand will be "at or near the front of the queue" for a free trade deal with the UK after Brexit, Boris Johnson has said on a visit to the country today.

Commenting, Peter Kyle MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Trade deals with any country, including New Zealand, are welcome as long as British standards protecting workers and consumers are retained. But the idea that a deal with New Zealand can in any way replace the trade we do with Europe is for the birds.

“Last year, the EU accounted for 44 per cent of everything we sell; New Zealand accounted for just 0.2 per cent. It is delusional to think that deals with small countries can replace the huge hit to our economy leaving the EU market will cause. 

“For a Brexit that really maximises trading opportunities and creates jobs, the Government should focus on protecting trade with Europe and keeping us in the Single Market and Customs Union.”


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