Lamb – European Medicines Agency leaving London would be bad for jobs, business and our NHS

The European Medicines Agency is likely to move its office from London to elsewhere in Europe after Brexit, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said today. The EMA employs 900 people in its London office.

He also said the UK would seek a “relationship” with the EMA after we leave the EU. However, he did not say if the British Government will seek continued membership. 

Commenting, Norman Lamb MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The Government has serious questions to answer. If true, this would mean 900 high quality British jobs being lost – a real blow, and evidence that hard Brexit will make working people worse off.

“Withdrawing from the EMA altogether could cause significant problems for the pharmaceutical industry and our NHS. Drugs companies would find themselves tangled up in red tape, making treatments more expensive for our NHS and for patients. It could also delay access to new drugs in the UK.

“To have apparently made a decision of this magnitude without consultation with Parliament, patients and medical professionals is likewise utterly wrong, and all too predictable from this Health Secretary.”