Leslie – Defeat of Withdrawal Bill amendment does not end inconsistency at the heart of the Government’s Brexit strategy

MPs this evening voted down by 316 to 296 New Clause 14 to the EU Withdrawal Bill, which called on the Government to explain how the Bill’s assertion that the jurisdiction of the ECJ will end when Britain leaves the EU can be consistent with the Government’s support for a status-quo transitional period for around two years after the UK leaves the EU.

Commenting, Chris Leslie MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“It is disappointing that the Government have voted down this amendment, but the inconsistency it highlighted in their Brexit plans will not go away.

“This Bill pledges that the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice will end the day we leave the EU. But Theresa May in her Florence Speech committed the Government to a status quo transitional period after we leave – during which ECJ jurisdiction will inevitably continue to apply. Particularly so given that David Davis today admitted that the Government will seek to keep Britain within all EU regulators and agencies during transition. 

“This shambolic Government's Withdrawal Bill contradicts a key part of its own Brexit strategy. It isn't good enough, and it highlights the complexity and chaos involved in leaving the EU.”