Leslie – Gardiner’s “eccentric self-indulgence” on Brexit is embarrassing Labour

It has been revealed Shadow International Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner described Keir Starmer’s six tests on Brexit as “bollocks”.

Commenting, Chris Leslie MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“Barry Gardiner’s increasingly maverick behaviour must be embarrassing for his frontbench colleagues.

“He not only dismissed the Good Friday Agreement in a highly irresponsible manner, but also trashed the central point of Keir Starmer’s Brexit policy – the pledge to vote against any final Brexit deal that didn’t offer ‘the exact same benefits’.

“Labour’s policy, agreed by the party conference, is very clear: without the exact same benefits being on offer in any final Brexit deal, Labour would keep the option of staying in the EU on the table. It is time members of the Shadow Cabinet started speaking out for that and ended the sort of eccentric self-indulgence of the type shown by Barry Gardiner.”