Leslie – Government are trying to have their cake and eat it on data

Commenting on the release today of the Government’s Brexit position paper on ‘The exchange and protection of personal data’, Chris Leslie MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The greater clarity provided by the Government in this paper is welcome, although everyone who depends on data flows between the UK and EU – citizens, businesses, and our police and security services – will need more detail.

“The Government’ position seems to be that everything should change and yet stay the same. It is just having our cake and eating it again. This is likely to be impossible, especially in light of the Government’s decision to leave the Single Market.

“And Ministers need to explain how their decision to keep all the EU’s existing rules on data, and the importance of the ECJ in governing the EU’s relationship on this issue with other countries, can be squared with their rhetoric about taking back control of our laws."