Leslie – Government’s sham concession falls well short of what is needed

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill will be amended to give MPs a ‘meaningful’ vote on the withdrawal agreement negotiated with the EU, David Davis has confirmed in the House of Commons today.

Commenting, Chris Leslie MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

“What could have been a very welcome concession by the Government, instead looks like a sham that pretends to respect the sovereignty of Parliament but falls well short of what is required.

“It’s a transparent and fairly desperate attempt at the eleventh hour to save face and avoid losing votes in the House.

“Ministers need to do much better. It is crucial that this meaningful vote takes place well before we leave; that defeat for the Government’s legislation will not imply leaving the EU with no deal; and that Parliament has the same role in the event of a disastrous ‘no deal’ outcome.”