Leslie – MPs should vote down undemocratic EU withdrawal bill

Commenting on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, which faces its second reading in the House of Commons on Thursday, Chris Leslie MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The Bill the Government is putting before Parliament today amounts to little more than an undemocratic power-grab by Ministers terrified of scrutiny and trying to weaken the rights of MPs to represent our constituents.

“It will give the executive unparalleled powers to change laws that affect the lives and rights of the British people by the stroke of a ministerial pen. The Government have promised that our rights will be unaffected by Brexit, but they have given themselves the power to change them on a whim.

“For Theresa May and David Davis to ask us to just trust them isn’t good enough. I urge MPs from all parties to vote down this shambles of a Bill. If it goes through on second reading, I look forward to fighting it line by line in committee stage.”