Leslie – New warnings for European businesses show “Brexit will cause huge damage to our economy”

New reports suggest European business are being advised to avoid using British parts ahead of Brexit due to potential problems with what are known as ‘rules of origin’.

Sky News reports that: “In its advice rolled out to all Dutch businesses, the Dutch government has told its exporters that ‘if a large part of your product consists of parts from the UK’ domestic exporters may lose free trade access under existing deals.”

The advice also includes a warning that the UK may not have access to existing EU trade deals post-Brexit.  


Commenting, Chris Leslie MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“The Government cannot keep trying to obscure the fact that Brexit will cause huge damage to our economy: businesses know it, other EU countries know it and increasingly the British people know it too.

“The leadership of both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party keep pretending we can have the exact same benefits outside the Single Market and the Customs Union as inside, but this is simply not true.

“The reality is that the hard Brexit supported by both the Government and the leadership of the Labour Party will damage trade and investment in this country, will cost countless jobs and will make us all worse-off. That's why we need a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal." 



Notes to editors

The full story can be read here: https://news.sky.com/story/european-businesses-advised-to-avoid-using-british-parts-ahead-of-brexit-11395908