Leslie – “Nobody voted to be forced to work longer hours”

Polling for the IPPR think tank shows minimal support for deregulation if the UK leaves the EU.

The polling shows just 14% want to loosen or remove the Working Time Directive and just 9% want to deregulate rules on bankers’ bonuses.


Commenting, Chris Leslie MP, a leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“This polling confirms that the Brextremist agenda of deregulation has tiny levels of support.

“As a leading member of the EU we have helped to drive ever-higher common standards for workers, consumers and the environment. Leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union, in pursuit of fantasy trade deals, means putting these high regulatory standards at risk.

“Nobody voted in the referendum to be forced to work longer hours, to accept higher levels of pollution, to see a lowering of food standards or an end to limits on bankers’ bonuses. Yet all of these are now mainstream ideas for the Brexiters.

“As their deregulation agenda becomes clearer we need to keep an open mind about whether leaving the European Union is right for our country.”