Leslie – “Steve Baker has extremely serious questions to answer”

Prospect magazine have released audio of the meeting at which Brexit minister Steve Baker claimed he had heard it said that Treasury officials had rigged their forecasts to ensure they would always show Brexit in a bad light.

Nothing in the released audio supported Mr Baker’s claim, which were made in response to a question from Jacob Rees-Mogg in ministerial questions in the Commons this morning.

Commenting, Chris Leslie MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“Steve Baker has extremely serious questions to answer.

“After the publication of this recording, it appears that for the second time in a week he used the Despatch Box to promote a conspiracy-theory to explain why the Government’s own data about Brexit shows it will be very bad news for Britain. If confirmed, this is extraordinary and unacceptable behaviour for someone in his position.

“He now needs to give a full account of himself and explain whether he believes it is appropriate to use his position to make such allegations.

“He should also immediately cease his groundless attacks on the integrity of the civil service and apologise to all those he has offended in recent days.”