Leslie – “This is not an implementation period because there’s nothing to implement”

The EU has agreed a “Transition Agreement” with the UK to cover the 21 months from the end of March 2019 if the UK leaves the European Union.

Commenting, Chris Leslie MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

This is not an ‘implementation period’ because there is nothing implement. What has happened is that Theresa May has agreed to 21 months of Britain as a ruler-taker that pays into the EU but has no substantive say on decisions.

All a transition period will do is kick the can down the road on the questions of the Irish border, future trade, security and all the other major decisions that Brexit has thrown up about the future of our country. 

Theresa May knows the promises made in the referendum are never going to be honoured. She now seems prepared to take us out whatever the cost to keep the Brextremists in her party at bay, and then simply hope for the best. 

This is a huge and reckless gamble with our country’s future. It is not just our economy that is at stake: the agreement on firm action against Russia shows why the EU matters in defence and security too.

We should not leave the EU until we know where we are going, and we should keep an open mind as to whether it is the right path for our country.”