Leslie – Tony Blair speaking “the truth about Brexit”

Tony Blair today warned that Brexit would weaken both the UK and the European Union.

Commenting, Chris Leslie MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said: 

This is the week in which three Prime Ministers had the chance to speak the truth to people about Brexit.

Yesterday John Major pulled no punches in outlining the damage Brexit could do to the British economy and the threat it poses to the Irish peace process.

Today Tony Blair warns us about the importance of our mutual interdependence in Europe in a rapidly changing world. Increased global free trade is essential but ripping the UK out of the world’s biggest shared market and free trade zone is no way to achieve that.

What a contrast to tomorrow’s speech where Theresa May will try to sell to Europe a cherry-picking, cake-and-eat-it, win-the-lottery-without-a-ticket approach to Brexit that she was told months ago was never going to work.”