Leslie – Trump tariffs episode a “brutal lesson in the realpolitik of international trade” for Brextremists

The EU has reportedly secured a temporary exemption from Donald Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminium.

This comes after the International Trade Secretary Liam Fox failed to secure an early exemption for the UK.


Commenting, Chris Leslie MP, leading supporter of Open Britain and member of the International Trade Committee, said:

“The Trump tariffs episode has been a brutal lesson in the realpolitik of international trade for the Brextremists in Government.

“Our Brexit-supporting International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, tried to get an exemption from the tariffs for the UK and achieved the sum total of nothing. But by negotiating through the EU as a bloc, we’ve secured a temporary exemption, at least.

“This just demonstrates again the ludicrous naivety of the Government’s red line on leaving the Customs Union: our country is much better off as part of the world’s largest trading bloc, rather than isolated and alone as the Brextremists want.”



Notes to editors:

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