Leslie – US-Canada border is a very hard border indeed, deeply worrying if it’s a model for Northern Ireland

Prime Minister Theresa May gave a statement to Parliament today to discuss her speech last Friday on the planned future relationship between the UK and the EU. Whilst answering questions after the statement, the Prime Minister referenced the US-Canada border as one model the Government is looking at in relation to the issue of the Northern Ireland border.

Commenting, Chris Leslie MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The Prime Minister’s startling admission today that the US-Canada border is being looked at by the Government as a possible model for the border in Northern Ireland should be deeply concerning for all parties involved in the Brexit negotiations.

“A truck crossing into the US from Canada has to send 26 different data elements to 40 different US agencies.

“The Government has repeatedly ruled out any return to a hard border on the island of Ireland, as well as any new physical infrastructure at the border. But anyone who’s visited the US-Canada border will know that it’s a very hard border indeed, with customs checks, barriers and armed guards. Leave campaigners told us there’d be ‘no change’ to the border if we voted to leave the EU. That promise is looking less deliverable by the day.

“If the cost of Brexit is a return to the borders of the past and an undermining of the Northern Ireland peace process, people are right to keep an open mind about that that’s a price too high to pay. Everyone is therefore entitled to keep an open mind about whether Brexit is the right path for the country.”