Liam Fox’s trade strategy answers none of the hard questions about Brexit

Responding to Liam Fox’s speech on free trade in Manchester today, Pat McFadden MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“I suppose you have to feel for Mr Fox – a man with a job and a title but as yet neither a role nor a plan.

“He says he wants free trade with the EU. We already have that through membership of the Single Market. Yet he is prepared to put it at risk.

“Over the summer he said he wanted to leave the EU customs union which guarantees the smooth operation of modern Europe-wide supply chains. Pulling out of the customs union would threaten a wave of new red tape for UK businesses operating across Europe as they had to account for components coming in and out and to threaten it shows woeful disregard for how modern products are made.

“Today’s speech took us no further in terms of setting out a government plan of how to secure as good and free access to our biggest market as we currently have through the Single Market. The three Brexiteers can make all the speeches they want but they won’t mean anything until they come up with a plan that answers the hard questions about Brexit.”