Liberal Democrat and Green leaders back call for Labour to support Single Market membership

The leader of the Liberal Democrats and the co-leader of the Green Party have offered their support to Labour campaigners pressing Jeremy Corbyn to back continued British membership of the Single Market.

Vince Cable MP and Caroline Lucas MP, both leading supporters of the Open Britain campaign, have backed the call, made in a statement published in today’s Observer, from Labour MPs, peers, local government leaders and members of the devolved legislatures, to not just support membership of the Customs Union but also the Single Market.

The Labour campaigners’ statement comes on the eve of a speech by Jeremy Corbyn in which he is expected to back continued membership of the Customs Union.


Commenting, Vince Cable MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said: 

“Labour supporting permanent membership of the Customs Union is a modest step on the road to sanity and it is right that progressives from across the left and centre-left keep up the pressure for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn to properly resist the Government’s plans for a hard and reckless Brexit.”


Caroline Lucas MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said: 

If Jeremy Corbyn commits Labour to supporting the cross-party moves in Parliament to keep the UK in the customs union, it is a positive forward but it cannot be the end of the argument.

Leaving the Single Market - threatening labour standards, putting women's rights at risk, and giving those who want to weaken or abolish environmental protection an opportunity to run amok - would still be a mistake and should be opposed by those on the left in all parties.”



Notes to editors

The statement from Labour campaigners can be read here: