Lord Adonis – Britain’s aviation sector is too important for political games

A leaked paper revealed today that UK airlines risk losing flying rights to the EU due to Brexit. The paper describes how, if Britain leaves the Single Market, UK-owned airlines would automatically lose existing flying rights in Europe’s “fully liberalised” aviation market, and would no longer be entitled to EU recognition of approvals for parts or certificates for airworthiness. The UK would also be unable to participate in the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Commenting, Lord Adonis, Chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission and leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

“Britain’s aviation sector is too important for political games. Ministers should guarantee to Parliament, now, that there will be no disruption whatever to flights after Brexit.  

“Astonishingly, the Government's self-imposed red line on the European Court of Justice could leave us out of the European Aviation Safety Agency, which makes sure planes are safe to fly. This could be devastating for British businesses and for holidaymakers.

“These new Brexit facts coming to light should give everyone pause for thought. No-one voted in the referendum to have flights between the UK and Europe grounded, so everyone should have the right to keep an open mind.”


Notes to Editors

The full Financial Times story on the future of UK-EU aviation can be read here