Lord Mandelson – John Major is right to say MPs should get a free vote on final Brexit deal

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major gave a speech on Brexit today (Wednesday), in which he proposed giving MPs a free vote on the final terms of the Brexit deal. He suggested that any meaningful vote must include options for the Government to be asked to return to negotiations with the EU, or for there to be a referendum on the final terms. Sir John Major also stated clearly that we are all entitled to change our minds about whether Brexit is the right path for the country.

Commenting, Lord (Peter) Mandelson, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“This is a seismic speech which no voter should ignore and every Member of Parliament should heed.

“John Major has stripped away every fig leaf, exposed every lie and revealed the truth about the unmitigated disaster that the Government’s Brexit deal would be for our country.

“A former Prime Minister has offered the Government a way out of the mess they have made. They should take it.

“MPs should get a free vote on Brexit, so they can put country before party. Parliament should take its responsibility and reject any deal that will damage our country and then give back to the people the final vote on the Brexit deal.”