LSE report shows that the government should think twice before cracking down on EU migration

New immigration restrictions on workers from the European Union will damage business and will not lead to greater job opportunities for British people, a report by the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance has found.

The report [embargoed until midnight tonight] indicates that cuts in EU immigration are likely to hit finance, higher education, and manufacturing.

Commenting for the Open Britain campaign, Tom Brake MP said:

“This report shows that, rather than hurtling headlong towards a hard Brexit and a harsh immigration crackdown, the Government should look carefully at the evidence.

“Half-baked ideas about making British teenagers pick fruit, and sending life-saving foreign doctors home, are no substitute for coherent economic and immigration policies.

“EU migrants who come to our country to work hard and pay their taxes should be welcomed, not demonised. Freedom of movement may need reform, but we should be seeking to mend rather than end the system. The Government should think very hard before pulling up the drawbridge and declaring that everyone from doctors to fruit pickers are no longer welcome.”